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“I have been extremely impressed by the response. We already have a confirmed booking and a couple of enquiries through your site so I hope we will have a long and fruitful relationship.”

Why Land for Events

Outdoor events are becoming increasingly popular, and many types of locations can be used for a wide range of events. Land for Events offers a hassle free way to hire out your land.

Unlike many other event companies, we don’t place you in a specific event category (e.g wedding venue). Instead we let you decide what kind of events you're happy to have on your land. This means your customer base is massive.

We have a huge range of interest generated from the website; some of our enquiries include:

  1. Private camping trips for 4 people
  2. Weddings
  3. Birthday & anniversary parties
  4. Professional dog walkers
  5. Dog events
  6. Outdoor shows
  7. Metal detecting
  8. Science research
  9. Film/TV locations
  10. Open air cinemas
  11. Clay shooting
  12. Airsoft
  13. Battle re-enactments
  14. Distance running events
  15. Music festivals for 10,000
If you choose to feature your location on Land for Events, we will:

• Build a beautiful location page from information and images of your choice

• Update your location page as often as you want, with as many images as you'd like, free of charge

• Promote your location across all our social media platforms

• Give you total control over which events you're interested in

• We are always working on our websites SEO to build traffic, improve rankings and generate more enquiries for you

Self Managed

We can feature your location and have customers contact you direct, which means you pick the events you're interested in.

You're not tied to us, so you can advertise elsewhere/have your own website.

If you choose to sign up to our 12 month promotion service you can also buy our Events Starter Pack.

Events Starter Pack

We are always here to offer advice, our Events Starter Pack includes:

  1. • A Customer inquiry form
  2. • A set of starter Customer Terms and Conditions
  3. • A recommended system from the inquiry stage until the end of the event
  4. • A contract to give to your Customer’s once they have booked
  5. • An event plan form
  6. • A booking check list

Register your land

In order to featured on Land for Events:

Your location should ideally be no smaller than 1 acre to allow space for parking, the event and camping if permitted.

Road/track access must be suitable for cars and larger vehicles.

Fields should be relatively flat, even and unlikely to flood.

You need to have the ability to top and roll the field yourself (if needed).

Animals should not have been on the site at least 2 weeks prior to an event.

Register Now

Managed by us

If your location is within the ringed area on the map below, Land for Events can run your location for you.

With our website, contacts and networking, we'll provide a hassle free service to both you and your prospective customer.

If you're interested in hearing more about this opportunity or meeting us to discuss further, please contact us.

How it works:

Your location will feature on our website free of charge.

Customers will contact us, not you, with all communications (including enquires, viewings, bookings and payments).

You will only be contacted by us.

You are in total control of which events are accepted, we'll never book an event without your approval.

Land for Events will take a commission from each booking, so there is no outlay for you.

“We have had lots of enquires and had our first wedding here a few weekends ago! We would like to continue advertising with you.”

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