Land for Events

Space for events, weddings, corporate activities or marquee venue


Where can I find venues you have for hire?

You can find all our venues on our Locations page -

What is available at the locations?

Utilities and other permitted activates are shown in the key on the location pages.

How does Land for events work?

We are an event location service, we don’t meet your suppliers or get involved with organization but we are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding the planning of your event.

How many days do I get to setup?

You would hire the field from us for a five to seven day access period (if required) so you can put together and clear away your event in a relaxed time frame. Most events only last one day/night but this gives you time to set up the marquee, etc a couple of days early.

I would like to choose my own suppliers

Unlike a lot of venues, we don’t tie you to any suppliers so you can create the event you want and make it totally unique

How late can I play music?

This varies per location but generally the latest music can continue is 1am. Silent discos are a good way of extending the celebrations but don’t disturb neighbours. Music volume should be monitored at all times as to not affect residence nearby.

If I say the word wedding are you going to double the hire fee?

We don’t adjust our prices just because you have said the word ‘wedding’. Your hire fee also won’t be affected by which day or month you choose.

Can I get married in the field?

An open air area can’t have a marriage license in the UK – for a legal marriage in the UK, only a building/structure can hold such a license. You can have a non-legal ceremony outdoors but the legal part must be done in a church, registry office, etc. A lot of our customers do the legal part the day before their event with a small number of guests and then have a larger, more personal ceremony at one of our locations.